Hello there. I am Unixite. Not my real name obviously, but those days are not far when people may name their kids after a popular OS like that Sienfield Show where George wanted to name his kid “Seven” and a decade later Windows 7 shows up. Not exactly what I was saying earlier but hope the point got across. Reason I chose the alias is to relate how much I like Unix. I have been working on this platform for more than a decade. Have seen Linux from its stage of infancy and have worked on SunOS, Digital Unix, AIX and HP-UX.

I see myself as a problem solver. I have a thing to find the answer in the short and sweet possible way. So I use any tool available that can effectively provide me an answer whether it happens to be Perl or PHP or shell script or even a C/C++ program (and sometime amalgamation of these).

In my free time, I maintain this site and help with some volunteer work with local animal shelter.

How I got the idea of putting this site together? Not like I was hit by an Apple (No, not Steve Jobs’ product! Apple that hit Newton) or had a LED on my head that went on (no pun intended for the bulb ;-)). Basically I like to make a note of things that I come across while solving the problems so when I need a fix quickly, I can reference them. So the idea of this site was born where I can search for tips that I posted for myself and also for others who can make use of them. Here you will find technical articles, examples, sample code snippets. I emphasise on real scenarios by giving practical examples. Feel free to submit your comments, suggestions and requests for what you want to see next.

I have so many tips to post here that it will take me really some time and the backlog would only grow. So I am going to post the latest ones as and when I come across (old ones anyway gets outdated with time as newer technologies replace the older ones).

Still here? Lets do some fine print reading (not that fine actually).


Please note that anything I say on this blog or anywhere else on the web is my own personal opinion unless otherwise noted. It does not necessarily represent the views of my current or past employers and should not be taken as such.

All the names, icons or images of organization or products that I already referenced or may reference in my writings are the trademarks of the respective organizations.

In short and sweet, I speak for myself and no one else. 🙂

Here you can find technical articles, examples, sample code snippets. I lay more emphasis on usage scenarios by giving practical examples. Please submit your comments, suggestions and requests for any new articles.