Vishal Jain

20 years of experience with leading a team of 4 people across time-zones. I drive the results and do not discriminate on what technology to use. Sometimes a script kiddie in me gets the job done and sometime the professional. I love challenges that makes me think outside the box. I am no stranger to compiling kernels or writing professional applications. I am always on lookout for learning new skills and sharing with my team. I believe that knowing theory or buzz words can help you sell yourself but the real you will be what you learn from your experience.

Technical Skils
  • C/C++
  • STL
  • Unix/Linux
  • TCP/IP
  • SNMP
  • sockets
  • Net-SNMP
  • curl/libcurl
  • multi-threading
  • shell scripting
  • Apache
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • python
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • git
  • make, cmake

Thomson Reuters

Lead Technical Specialist

Jul 2001 - Present

C/C++, STL, Unix, Linux, thread, TCP/IP, SNMP, Net-SNMP, curl, libcurl, Apache, shell scripts, Perl, PHP, python, MySQL, SQLite, git, make, cmake, proftpd, FTP, sftp, ssh

  • Redesign Monitoring and Configuration Management Suite for Operations that helps them to manages 4000+ distributed and datacenter hosted servers. Hands on Coding and leading the team of 4 developers in multiple time-zones. System provides detailed view of systems, granular to application internals which allows monitoring their performance and behavior in real-time. SNMP, Net-SNMP, C/C++, STL, threads, Solaris, Linux, TCP/IP, MySQL, SQLite, shell scripts
  • Led working groups to develop anomaly detection and mitigation strategies based on Monitoring Alarms. That allows our Operations to find weakness in infrastructure before they cause an incident. python, shell scripts
  • Conducted full-lifecycle software development for Low-latency and High Availability Content Delivery infrastructure and its configuration management. Improved content delivery time by 20%. Low-latency was achieved by implementing Adaptive load-balancing of HTTP Traffic from remote POPs by monitoring response times. C++, STL, Unix, HTTP, Apache, shell scripts, Perl, curl, libcurl, PHP, MySQL
  • Initiated efforts to unify and migrate legacy source code management and compilation platforms to new standards that allowed various groups to collaborate swiftly and efficiently. git, make, cmake, standard coding practices, shell scripts, Perl
  • Redesigned the Feed Unification platform for data from 50+ vendors and exchanges to provide Low-latency and Low-cost Delivery of News, Restrictions and Private Research Feeds for Thomson One platform. C++, STL, threads, Linux, FTP/SFTP, Proftpd, TCP/IP
  • Collaborated with Product, End users and Microsoft Messenger team to define and develop Thomson Connect Instant Messaging platform in direct competition with Reuters messaging in 2004. SIP, oSIP, C++, STL, TCP/IP, UDP
  • Developed Port forwarder for legacy environment where IP forwarding was not an option in 2001. C++, STL, Unix

CommWorks/Ace Technologies

Senior Developer

Nov 2000 - Jun 2001

C++, x11, motif, SNMP, Solaris, ClearCase, SimpleAgentPro

Analyzed requirements and Implemented Configuration, State and Software Management over SNMP for 3COM's Total Control Manager (TCM) 2000.

Hughes Network Systems

Senior Software Engineer

Mar 2000 - Oct 2000

C++, Javascript, Java Servlets, HTML, ClearCase, oracle-webserver

Coordinated the efforts of the team to Design and Implement the Control, Configuration and Inventory Management System for Hughes' Universal Modems Systems that are used in Satellite Communication.

HCL Technologies

Member Technical Staff

Aug 1999 - Feb 2000

C++, x-windows, TCP/IP, SNMP, HP OpenView, Solaris, ClearCase, rouge-wave

Implemented Configuration Management, Inventory Control, Software and Fault Management System for Cisco 6100.

Polaris Software Lab Ltd.

Project Lead

Nov 1997 - Jul 1999

C/C++, x-windows, TCP/IP, threads, UNIX, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, gdb, purify

  • Conceptualized and delivered Distributed Computing for End of Day jobs. These jobs were scattered over the Citibank networked cluster and System allowed operations to orchestrate job executions to the tiniest of details.
  • Updated, modified and expanded existing Network Monitoring Software for Citibank networked cluster to various Unix platforms.

P.D.A. College of Engineering

Engineering Bachelors in Electronics and Communication

Oct 1993 - Aug 1997


University of Maryland

Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems: Part 1

Feb 2015

Grade Achieved: 100.0%

Stanford University

GPS: An Introduction to Satellite Navigation, with an interactive Worldwide Laboratory using Smartphones

Dec 2014

Grade Achieved: 97.4% with Distinction

Johns Hopkins University

The Data Scientist’s Toolbox

Sep 2014

Grade Achieved: 100.0% with Distinction

Personal Projects

AgentX Tutorial

Dec 2016 - Jan 2017

c, cmake, Net-SNMP, AgentX

Since no good tutorials on AgentX using Net-SNMP are available I put together what I learn. My approach is step by step learning and that is what I describe here. One should clone the code and checkout step by step.