Hello there. This is Vishal Jain. I have 20 years of experience with leading a team of 4 people across time-zones. I drive the results and do not discriminate on what technology to use. Sometimes a script kiddie in me gets the job done and sometime the professional. I love challenges that makes me think outside the box. I am no stranger to compiling kernels or writing professional applications. I am always on lookout for learning new skills and sharing with my team. I believe that knowing theory or buzz words can help you sell yourself but the real you will be what you learn from your experience.

I have been working on Unix for 2 decades now. Have seen Linux from its stage of infancy and have worked on SunOS, Digital Unix, AIX and HP-UX.

I see myself as a problem solver. I have a thing to find the answer in the short and sweet possible way. So I use any tool available that can effectively provide me an answer whether it happens to be Perl or PHP or shell script or even a C/C++ program (and sometime amalgamation of these).

How I got the idea of putting this site together?  Basically I like to make a note of things that I come across while solving the problems so when I need a fix quickly, I can reference them. So the idea of this site was born where I can search for tips that I posted for myself and also for others who can make use of them. Here you will find technical articles, examples, sample code snippets. I emphasize on real scenarios by giving practical examples. Feel free to submit your comments, suggestions and requests for what you want to see next.

I have so many tips to post here that it will take me really some time and the backlog would only grow. So I am going to post the latest ones as and when I come across (old ones anyway gets outdated with time as newer technologies replace the older ones).