Migrating from Windows to Linux

What would one need to move off of Windows in corporate world? A replacement for Microsoft Office Suit. Linux has LibreOffice as replacement for MS Word, Excel, Power Point etc. If you are a power user of these tools then it will be difficult to migrate to LibreOffice but hey that is a start. If for Outlook, your organization provides access via WebMail interface, then you are in clear with using any email client on Linux that supports Pop or IMAP by making use of DavMail. Though Evolution support a direct access to WebMail or even MAPI, but Evolution itself is very thick and sometimes slow. Then came out Ubuntu 11.10 which provides Thunderbird as the default email client with integration to desktop and Unity. Perfect.

Here is the list of replacements that are available on Linux. I will cover setup for DavMail and Thunderbird in another post.

Windows Linux
Word LibreOffice Writer
Excel LibreOffice Calc
PowerPoint LibreOffice Impress
Outlook Thunderbird, Evolution, Pine, mutt (any email client that supports IMAP or POP) with DavMail
VPN Client like Nortel Contivity, Cisco vpnc

This is a multi-part post. In next (Connecting to Nortel VPN from Linux) I will discuss how to vpn into your corporate network.

Disclaimer: Name of all these products are copyright of their respectful owners.

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