BlackBerry : Play PAC-MAN

Here is a tip on 30th birthday of PAC-MAN. Go to Google today to play right on the website.

UPDATE: April 6, 2011

Download for BlackBerry from Benny Chow is no longer available. All the best things come to an end and Namco who owns the Pac-Man no longer wants it to be free. Come on Namco!!! Grow up. You already got all the money you want. Do you want us to pay every time we even say Pac-Man?

It was available for download on your BlackBerry. Thanks to Benny Chow. It was at which no longer exists. The latest info from Benny is at

Here is a screenshot from my Blackberry Curve 8310.
PAC-MAN on BlackBerry

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Play PacMan on Google today

Google Doodle is showing and letting users play PAC-MAN today on their home page for celebrating 30th birthday of PAC-MAN. Go play on Google. Click on “Insert Coin” to restart the game. You will be pleasantly surprised to see Ms. PAC-MAN in 2 player mode (try inserting one more coin). Read more at

Play PacMan on Google